Our Students Say It Best!

“SO SO glad I decided to take the PMCC with Ken. Not only was I able to pass the CPC exam, but Ken volunteered his time to proctor the exam for our class, so we didn’t have to travel. Ken Camilleis is a coding guru!!  He knows the material inside and out! Great experience, great results.  I would HIGHLY recommend taking this class.”

Holly Jones

“Awesome Experience with AAPC Coding Instructor Ken Camilleis!  I recommend taking the AAPC CPC Training Course by Instructor Ken Camilleis. He is very knowledgeable and has years of industry experience in both coding and billing. He’ll take you step by step through each training module and answer all questions with patience and enthusiasm. I am happy to say I passed my CPC exam on my first attempt. Having my CPC certification has also helped to advance my career.”  Thank you Ken!

Lorenda Hollins, CPC, CRCS-I

“Ken Camilleis of Superbill Consulting is amazing! His knowledge and guidance in medical coding was a tremendous benefit in helping me prepare for the CPC exam. I highly recommend this course for anyone preparing for their certification.

Margaret Kiley

“I must say that being in Ken’s class was the best thing I ever did.  You see I wanted so desperately to do coding, but I knew I needed some assistance.  His class provided me that tool to successfully pass the exam.  His teaching was very informative, both online and in class. He made the coding class so interesting that it made me want to go home and study after being in his class on Sunday afternoons from 12:30 to 5:30, listening and doing all the quizzes and question and exchange of coding guidelines and more. Without Ken’s classes I do not think I would have been successful in my CPC exam. Soon after, I did my ICD-10 assessment and passed that exam too.  I owe all my credentials and success to Ken’s classes.  I would recommend his teachings and classes to anyone who wants to go into the coding field.  Kudos to Ken and all his teachings.”

Geeta Goppee

“I took the class preparation for the CPC exam with Ken Camilleis 2 years ago. My experience with the class was very positive. Ken was a good and helpful instructor in class. There was a lot of reading and homework, and even if you have questions at home, he would email you with an explanation the next day. During the class he covered everything as much as possible, and sometimes he made jokes to make the material less dry and easy to digest.  More important is that he would provide tips and resources, and a lot of focus areas for the CPC test.”

Lan-Anh (Julie) Hoang

For information on registering for the PMCC, contact Ken Camilleis 


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