Certified Professional Coder (CPC) training for the Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC)


Are you aspiring to break into an exciting and challenging career as a medical administrative assistant, or perhaps restarting yourself later in life by seeking out a new profession which is very much in demand, even in the most depressed of economies? With ever-changing medical technology and ever-increasing demands on the health care industry, medical practices are often overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing their receivables and maintaining positive cash flow. Backlogs of unprocessed or rejected claims, underpayments and appeals are legend, and qualified employees can be difficult to find, train and keep. At SCS, we strive to mold you into one of those qualified employees! The driving force behind the financial success of a medical practice is proper coding. In order for a claim to get properly paid, it must be properly coded. SCS provides “soup-to-nuts” educational services in medical coding, which walks students through a program that allows necessary training to sit for a national certification exam. Passing of this exam is the first major step toward being in demand as a professional medical coder in many types of allied health settings.

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  • Coding education to prepare for AAPC certification exams
  • Provider education on documentation principles and coding guidelines
  • On-site employee training in coding for certification
  • Consultation regarding compliance of documentation, coding and billing
  • Seminars and workshops related to coding
  • New AAPC member development career counseling
  • Job search assistance including resume writing and interviewing skills

For information on registering for the PMCC, contact Ken Camilleis 

(508) 362-3777